Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bats of Bhandardara

Surprising that none of the blogs nor those who have been to Bhandardara mentioned about this phenomenon. It was a casual talk with a local Nature Club member who mentioned about large number of bats flying over the Lake Arthur soon after the sunset, as an event not to be missed.

So armed with my camera I spent almost an hour sitting high on the slope leading to the lake until it was quite dark waiting for the bats to fly over us from behind. Later I also got convinced by the explanation  that it was 'Datta Jayanti' festival that must have kept them away ! Not that the bats took an off to celebrate festivals but he was actually referring to the day long music that was blaring from a near by temple.

So again I returned to the same spot next day at sunset. Was about to return totally disbelieving that the news provided by the local Nature lover could be so much away from the truth. But at that very moment, my sharp eye daughter pointed in the distance on the other side of the lake. Oh  My God ! I just gasped.

Thousands of birds flying in northern direction and it took us some time to recognise them as bats. I was totally unprepared without a proper tripod for the camera as it was quite dark by now. I still managed some shots. Can anyone explain this ?

Atleast for 15 minutes we were straining our eyes and the local migration looked endless. Millions ?

Surely they were there even on the earler day. Just that we were looking in the wrong direction.

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Hidden Beauties

It is so depressing coming across unprofessional restoration efforts all over India on historical monuments. But at the same time very refreshing to coming across some of our hidden architectural beauties as one travels. Here is part of Gopuram of Durga Devi Temple in Sadashivgadh near Karwar, Karnataka.

The most beautiful Butterfly

Walking around Sadashivgadh, Karwar in search of birds my eyes caught this small brilliant yellow-black bird hopping from one flower to another. See what I found ....