Sunday, 26 January 2014

Podar Classmates' Meet (1961-71)

January 26, 2014

Endless affection and love flowed during our Podar classmates' get-together yesterday evening.

40+ years between then and now simply did not exist. It is a long time to remember many things as I am speaking of our time during adolescence and our early teenage years.

The world was very small then. My biggest embarrassment was facing mother when we did not reach home before 7 pm for prayers and greatest anxiety was whether I would be able to exchange my duplicate stamp next day in the classroom with the one that my friend possessed. My idea of pranks was sitting at the bench near the window at the back and produce smoke by training the magnifying glass on a paper and the fear was when I also burnt the wooden bench.

A sort of melancholy would descend upon me if I go on reliving those innocent days any further. Just posting the pictures from our meeting yesterday.

Regulation Group Photograph
A usual disarray just before the final setting

The gracious hostess regaling her audience

Ravi catching someone unawares

Sanjay explaining his painting 
Some one-to-one meetings

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